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Disease in a breeze
Alex Girnus , Pranav Menon , Louie Mayhead
¦ News from across our knowledge ¦ Covid 19 is the current pandemic ¦ Globalisation helps disease spread ¦ Stay at home and keep safe! ¦ The Biggest cause of death is dying ¦ HIV/AIDS is currently the biggest/most infectious disease ¦ Almost all diseases come from other animals , as the diseases we carry we are used too ¦ I am a boss ¦ Alex made this website :) ¦ the common cold is the most infectious disease , infecting all adults 10 times on avg in a year ¦ vaccine are a ectremely effective way to prvent disease ¦ bacteria anti-boitic resitance is rising ¦ Phages are a great alternitive to anti boitics ¦ B E A N S ¦ ha ha ha ha pranav looks like a satnav ¦ Due to quarntine , robberies and traffic jams have greatly reduced and the death star is now visible ¦ cars cause 100% of of car crashes ¦ living has a 100% mortality rate ¦ life can be considered a disease ¦ I should shut up now

What is a Pathogen?

A disease a specific thing casuing problems or abnormal things in the body leading to symptoms

A pathogen is usally an external organism cauing these diseases

And no I wouldn't classify this as other animals it is in a specific family of:
Viruses,bacteria,fortnite,tik-tok,fungi and mabye something else

What this will cover

THis will mainly cover the indvidual effects of 5 diseases (funghi , viral, Bacteria and protist.

Of these diseases , this will cover :

However these are only indvidual effects and not global and worldwide , as major pandemics have changed the course of scoeity and history (black death , american colinisation etc) and especially with covid-19 round the corner set to change the rest of our lives

Why a website?

Well we already made a sick powerpoint (ask Mr Hillen) and there were so many catorgories it wouldd've been easier to present in a website - also because Alex is the best

What it does to uour body

click the links above , each drop down is a seperate site explaining the disease and every link is a part of that